How China Is Using AI to Fuel the Next Industrial Revolution

For many years now, China has been the world’s factory. Even in 2020, as other economies struggled with the effects of the pandemic, China’s manufacturing output was $3.854 trillion, up from the previous year, accounting for nearly a third of the global market.

But if you are still thinking of China’s factories as sweatshops, it’s probably time to change your perce…

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Facebook Failed to Remove Islamophobic Content in India

In a video posted to Facebook in November 2020, an extremist priest called for Hindus to rise up and begin killing Muslims in India.

“People need to learn that this is not the time to protest, but the time to go to war,” said Narsinghanand Saraswati, who has been named by at least one international watchdog as an extremist hate preacher. “This is a global war where Islam…

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Microsoft’s CEO Doesn’t Think Now’s the Time to Stop on AI

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The last year has been characterized by a rush of new artificial intelligence (AI) programs being released into the world since OpenAI, a lab backed by Microsoft, launched ChatGPT in November 2022. Both Microsoft and Google rolled out products in March …

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Discovery Legal Challenge Escalates Poland-U.S. Media Row

Discovery Inc. plans to take legal action against the Polish government for potential breach of a bilateral investment treaty with the U.S., escalating a standoff over the media giant’s television assets in the east European country.

A “notice of dispute” for violating the pact between the two NATO allies was sent to President Andrzej Duda, Discovery said late on Thursda…

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The Benefits of Making a Failure Résumé

Daniel Pink is the author of several bestselling books that probe human behaviors, including the importance of timing, the mechanism behind motivation, and the sociology of selling things. His new book, The Power of Regret: How Looking Back Is Moving Us Forward, is about the wrongheadedness of the No Regrets credo. He spoke with TIME about why highlighting failure and regret is crucial…

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What Is a Recession and Is the U.S. in One in 2022-

Concerns that the U.S. economy could be heading into a recession intensified after official figures released July 28 showed that the U.S. economy shrank for the second straight quarter, just days after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast a global recession. Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, the Economic Counsellor and the Director of Research of the IMF, cites the pandemic …

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Undoing the Stigma of Unemployment

With the looming 2024 elections in mind, one of the most discussed puzzles of our time is why Americans report feeling economically anxious despite a low unemployment rate, declining inflation, and other positive economic indicators. My research on American workers points to one of the root causes of this anxiety. It focuses on the kind of workers we might expect to have little to worry about…

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Ukraine Crisis Spurs Russophobia Around the World

Ike Gazaryan’s wife, Yulia, typically answers the phone for their San Diego, Calif. restaurant, Pushkin Russian Restaurant, which serves food from former Soviet republics. But after Russia invaded Ukraine, Gazaryan decided to answer it himself. In the week after the war began, he says, the restaurant received about 15 to 20 abusive phone calls.

He didn’t pay much attention to …

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Why Chocolate Prices May Soon Skyrocket

You can blame Russia for a lot of things: election interference, ransomware attacks, even the death of up to 50,000 dolphins. Now, there’s one more thing to add to the list: the price of cocoa is soaring, and it’s kind of Putin’s fault.

The runaway inflation of 2021 and 2022 appears to be slowing in the U.S.; prices were up 3.8% in May from a year ago, the Bureau of Econ…

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