Young British men are the UK’s biggest shoe shoppers

According to the results of a new survey from market research giant Mintel, Britain’s top footwear shoppers are in fact men aged 16-24, an impressive 95 percent of them having bought a new pair of shoes last year.Although women are generally more likely than men to purchase new shoes, (86 percent versus 78 percent), the survey found that in the 16-24 age category, just 5 percent of men had not …

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Taco Bell Testing New Chile Crisp Chicken Tacos And New Chile Crisp Chicken Strips In Southern California

The new menu items feature a sweet, spicy, and citrusy Chile Crisp Sauce, designed to elevate the flavors of the crispy chicken.

Each Chile Crisp Chicken Taco includes a crispy chicken strip smothered in the all-new Chile Crisp Sauce, topped with spicy ranch, fresh lettuce and real shredded cheddar cheese layered on top of a warm flour tortilla. You get two tacos per …

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