‘We’ll Do All We Can to Promote Free Speech,’ Says Zoom CEO Eric Yuan After Criticism on Encryption and Privacy

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said he wants everyone to feel safe and protected when using the videoconferencing service that has risen in popularity much of the workforce works from home during the pandemic. “We want to make sure every user is happy,” said Yuan on Thursday’s Time100 Talks.

The sentiment comes after much discussion about the company’s contro…

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Your Future Smart Car Could Use AI To Help You Drive

At this year’s CES, chipmaker Nvidia is showcasing new technology that could enable automakers to develop AI virtual assistants that are far smarter than the in-car versions of Alexa and Siri we’re used to interacting with today.

Nvidia announced two new software platforms for self-driving cars during a press conference on Sunday: Drive IX and Drive AR. The former allows carma…

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